Entrepreneurship Is Not For Sissies (Book Excerpt – Business Jump School)

I feel compelled to say that right at the outset. So you have to be ready. I’m not going to coddle you and tell you that everything will go smoothly if you only do a few affirmations and write down your goals. You’ll need to do more than just visualize the intended outcomes. Meditation and visualization have their place, but starting a business takes work. Hard work. And it doesn’t get any easier just because you’ve started other businesses. This will be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done in your life: more difficult than academics, more difficult than buying or building a house, even more difficult than having children, if you’re a woman. There will be times when you will wonder why you chose to start a business. There will be times when you will go to your room and cry like a baby because nothing seems to be going right in your business: your marketing efforts won’t work; you won’t have enough money; your suppliers will seem to be incompetent and your family will start asking about all those big profits you promised.

If you’ve already started a business, don’t you wish someone would have told you?

It’s a commonly accepted fact that approximately 50% of newly formed small businesses fail within the first five years of start up. Another bit of research often discussed is the number one reason most new companies fail: lack of sufficient funding. These often-quoted statistics have caused many would-be entrepreneurs to shy away from starting a business. “I don’t have an angel investor”, you might say. “And I certainly don’t want to be just another statistic.” But why do these businesses REALLY fail?

Most of them failed because they didn’t know what they were doing. They failed because it’s easy to start a business by filing paper work in a county clerk’s office somewhere and “putting the shingle out”. Largely, they failed because they didn’t get the proper guidance. Let me say this, you don’t need to write a business plan right now. You don’t need to seek funding sources. You don’t need to file paper work with the local jurisdiction to create a business entity. You will need to do all of those things eventually, but first you need some training. And you need it BEFORE you start your business, not afterward. That’s where Business Jump School comes in.

This school will train you how to recognize business opportunities. Your business needs to be based on sound principles and observation of what’s happening in the market place as well as being something you love to do. This school will train you how to deal with rejection; how to handle uncertainty, fear and doubt and how to deal with disappointment. In other words, you’ll learn how to become mentally tough. Why? Because you’re going to need it. This school will train you to how to analyze financial statements. I know you may think that figures are boring and that’s what accountants are for, but at any given time you need to know for yourself whether your business is profitable. This school will train you how to approach potential investors. You’ll learn what to say, how to say it and when to say it. You’ll learn things in this school and develop skills that will serve you throughout the life of your business.

And yes, you WILL sweat – literally. This process may not be comfortable, but it is necessary. These drills will make you stronger and help you to develop “entrepreneurial muscles”. The skills and habits that you develop will help you to start your business confidently AND competently. And you need to continue them throughout the life of your business. The principles set forth in this book and in this school are based on observation, participation and repetition. In this way, the concepts will be embedded in your psyche and will become second nature. You won’t be surprised when you encounter difficulty or competition.

You need to start a business BEFORE you actually start your business so that you know what you’re doing and are comfortable doing it. Architects and many other professionals need to “practice” before they are licensed. Doctors and nurses need to practice before they get start working with patients. Hell, even teenagers have to practice driving for a certain amount of time before they get their driver’s permit. Entrepreneurs/ business owners should be required to do the same before jumping behind the conference table of a new business and taking it out into the fast-moving economy!

The Business Jump School will give you drills and exercises that allow you to practice taking the leap into entrepreneurship, so you’ll hit the ground and dominate your market.

Are you ready to go? Let’s get started!

Until next time…Go Boldly!

Dino Herbert

“Passionate about helping people reach their entrepreneurial potential”